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Spray Foam Insulation – Kansas

Do you want to lower your home or building’s utility expenses? One effective way is sealing your property with spray foam insulation. During the cold periods of the year, it’s not unusual for heat to escape through poorly insulated parts of a building or home. That leads to heat loss and, in turn, costly heating expenses.

At Midwest Roofing, we offer professional application services for spray foam insulation. Your entire home or building’s envelope will be sealed. As a result, heat will stay “trapped” within your building’s interior structure, and those expensive heating bills will be smaller. Contact us today at (913) 362-0112 to arrange a professional consultation!

Interior Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation has a tremendous record. Here are some highlights:

  • 50+ years of successful use in commercial applications
  • 35+ years of excellence in roofing industry
  • Shown to be effective insulating agent for residential properties

Seal your building or home’s envelope, and enjoy strong energy cost savings in the years ahead!

Spray Foam Insulation Kansas City

For your convenience, Midwest Roofing offers applications for your rooftop & interior spaces. With our premium roofing & wall insulation systems, your building can protected & insulated from top to bottom.

It also helps cut down on air filtration – the leading cause of energy loss. U.S. Department of Energy studies indicate as much as 40% of a home’s energy is lost due to air infiltration via windows, doorways & wall sockets. Other studies have shown 40% of a building’s total energy loss is often attributable to air infiltration.

Seal walls & prevent air leakage!
Seal your interior space!
We do roofing, too!

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors

With Midwest Roofing’s help, you can stop this air leakage and save money over the long term! When it’s applied, spray foam fills in the following areas:

  • Stud walls & crawl spaces
  • Spacing around rim joints
  • Spaces around plumbing fixtures
  • Spacing around electrical outlets

There are many upsides to having spray foam insulation from Midwest Roofing on & in your building:

  • Strong ROI on big heating cost savings
  • Can give 30% A/C cost savings
  • High R-Value per square inch of thickness
  • Mitigates air, gas & moisture infiltration
  • Strengthens building’s structure
  • Helps keep dust & pollen out of building
  • Reduces sound transmission & noise
  • Strong-performing roofing protection

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