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Our company isn't named Midwest Roofing because we only serve Kansas City, we are proud to offer our wide variety of quality roofing services to the entire Midwest region of the United States. Kansas City may be our home, but we want to make sure the rest of the Midwest has access to the quality roofing services that they deserve.

The list of areas we are pleased to provide these services to include:





The list of services we are proud to offer include:

  • Roof Installation

    When it's time to service or maintenance the roof of your Kansas City home or business, the best option is to leave it in the hands of experienced roofing professionals at Midwest Roofing of Kansas City.

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  • Roof Replacement

    To continue being considered the top roofing company in Kansas City, we know that we have to be able to install new roofs on any and every commercial or residential property in the Kansas City area.

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  • Roof Repair

    A leaking roof is one of the worst problems to have to deal with when it comes to your Kansas City home or business. If something has happened to your Kansas City home or business that has resulted in a leaking roof, you have a problem on your hands that must be dealt with immediately. 

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  • Hail & Storm Damage

    Hail storms are one of the most common causes for damaged roofs in Kansas City. One of the reasons why hail damage is such a pain is because is difficult to identify to the untrained eye, indicators of storm damage can be subtler than a leaking roof or other evident signs of trouble.

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  • Roof Inspection

    The most important part of your Kansas City roof repair, replacement or restoration process is the roof inspection. When it comes to roof inspections, there really is no room for error.

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  • Insurance Claims

    Sometimes the most challenging part of your roof repair, replacement or restoration isn't the work, it's dealing with your insurance company. One of the reasons that we are considered the top roofing company in Kansas City is because we'll handle every aspect of your roof installation, replacement or restoration process, and including helping you deal with your insurance company.

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If you feel like your Midwest property could benefit from any of the services that our roofers are capable of providing, please contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation, professional consultation. We want to make sure that every Midwest property is covered by a roof that they can trust.

Midwest Roofing proudly serves homeowners, property management firms, and companies of all sizes, providing first-tier roofing work, service, and support.