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Foam Roof Replacement – Kansas

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Do you need foam roof replacement services? You can count on the professionals at Midwest Roofing. We have 10+ years roofing industry experience and specialize in spray foam roofing services. Midwest Roofing offers skilled roofing technicians, exemplary customer service & superior roofing knowledge.

Foam roofing offers one of the longest life expectancies of any roofing system. It’s a sustainable roofing system, and it gives superior insulation, leak resistance & protection.

When your foam roof needs replacement or other caretaking, give us a call at (913) 362-0112. Our technicians will come out, evaluate your foam roof’s condition, and determine its specific problems. Then we can present different solutions for what your foam roof requires.

Foam Roof Replacement Services

Why should you choose Midwest Roofing? We offer:

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  • 10+ years roofing industry experience
  • Strong record of exemplary service
  • Licensed, professional team of roofers
  • Dedicated customer care & support
  • Quality workmanship & roofing expertise
  • Tailored solutions for your specific needs

For a quality-minded team which prioritizes attention to detail, superior service & high standards of excellence, you can depend on our commercial roofing company!

High Standards

Because of our company background & high benchmarks, Midwest Roofing is an Endorsed Member of nationwide network Choice Roof Contractor Group™. Choice Roof Contractors stand out for their commitment to professionalism, quality service & all-around excellence. As a Choice Roof Contractor, Midwest Roofing abides by these values and strives to provide this value proposition to every client!

So, for a hassle-free service experience & quality foam roof replacement project, give Midwest Roofing a call!

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

When you choose Midwest Roofing, you’ll get foam roofing with several customer benefits. Foam roofing in general offers many advantages:

  • Used in commercial applications for 50+ years
  • Successful use with roofing for 35+ years
  • Cuts down on air filtration & heat loss
  • Insulates, protects & bolsters a facility’s structure
  • Can be 15-50% less expensive to install & maintain than traditional membrane products across 30 years
  • Applicable to almost any roof substrate
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Prevents lateral water movement within roof structure

If you need your foam roof replaced, call us!

Foam Roof Replacement Kansas City

Midwest Roofing’s premier foam roofing systems include these benefits:

  • 6.5 R-value per square inch of thickness
  • Completely seamless roof protection
  • With proper maintenance, can have indefinite lifespan
  • Resists hurricane-force winds, severe storms, hail & other hazards
  • Renewable roof system for minimal repair & recoating costs
  • Reflects up to 85% of sun’s harmful rays
  • White surface can lead to 30% A/C cost savings yearly
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • No more issues with roof leaks, drips, or water-related trouble
  • Significant ROI with reduced heating costs
  • ENERGY STAR® certified

Our durable, energy-efficient foam roofing can be backed by non-prorated warranties for up to 18 years! And these warranties are renewable & extendable.

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Midwest Roofing pledges your satisfaction and will work to keep your building leak-free, energy-efficient & cost-efficient for years to come! We also offer interior foam insulation services for sealing your entire building envelope, for your convenience!

Contact us today at (931) 362-0112 to arrange an on-site inspection!