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As a full-service roofing contractor, Midwest Roofing offers commercial roof inspections. These inspections are geared toward industrial & commercial facilities in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska & Iowa. Routine roof inspections are important for a number of reasons:

  • Keep a documented roof history
  • Up-to-date evaluations of roof’s condition
  • Helps with paperwork for insurance claims
  • Locate roof problems before they turn more serious
  • Helps stabilize general insurance liability costs
  • Greater control over roofing expenses
  • Assists in prolonging roof’s service life

Combined with regular roof maintenance, commercial roof inspections help your roof last for its entire life expectancy. They also help you control expenses by identifying areas of trouble before they turn into more costly roofing work needs.

With strong industry experience, skilled technicians & superior service, Midwest Roofing can help with your inspection needs. Give us a call at (913) 362-0112 to arrange an inspection appointment. Whether you have one facility or multiple building assets, we’ve got you covered.

Roof Inspection Services

Midwest Roofing technicians have years of fieldwork experience under their belt. They’ve dealt with all manner of roofing issues. These trained experts will bring this same heightened knowledge & resourcefulness to evaluating your roof’s condition.

The Midwest Difference

  • 10+ years industry experience
  • Licensed & insured
  • Strong record of customer satisfaction & service
  • Quality project workmanship
  • Personalized customer care

Here are what our commercial roof inspection services include:

  • Examining condition of roofing materials
  • Looking over caps, ridges & drip edges
  • Evaluating water-draining equipment
  • Assessing roof for any signs of movement
  • Examining roof valleys, HVAC units, piping, chimneys, vents & roof penetrations
  • Looking over roofing-specific features such as metal flashings

Best practices recommend having your industrial or commercial roof inspected at least twice a year. The preferable times are to have inspections done in the springtime & fall-time.

Commercial Roof Inspections Kansas City

Roof inspections should be done after:

Inspection Services Available for Multiple Buildings!
  • Hailstorms
  • Strong wind activity in your area
  • Heavy snowfall in your area
  • Sleet & snow melting
  • Episodes of heavy foot traffic on your roof
  • Other activity which can cause roof damage

If your industrial or commercial roof has any need, Midwest Roofing can handle it all. Our commercial roofing specialists perform maintenance, repair, restoration & re-roofing!

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Call us today for more information or to arrange an appointment. You can count on Midwest Roofing’s 10+ years of roofing industry experience. Our roofing professionals look forward to serving you!

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