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Foam roofs are a smart choice for building owners. They are extremely durable and offer tremendous return on investment. One of the main reasons people choose foam roofing is because of its ability to minimize damage and prevent significant repair costs. Foam roofs localize damage and prevent lateral water movement within your roof structure.

While this greatly cuts down on repair needs, no roof lasts forever. Even the most durable roof will need to be fixed up at some point. Whether your foam roof repair need is big or small, you can trust the professionals at Midwest Roofing. We offer superior service, skilled repair specialists, quality roofing knowledge & dedication to our craft. In short, Midwest Roofing is built on strong business integrity, customer satisfaction, and superior workmanship.

As we offer complete foam roofing services, we understand spray foam roofing. We know their weaknesses and strengths, and it is through this knowledge that we are able to provide exactly what you need. When you hire Midwest Roofing to repair your foam roof, you can count on receiving:

  • A detailed inspection
  • Expert leak detection
  • An honest conversation about the best course of action
  • High-quality products
  • Efficient work
  • Complete transparency
  • A strengthened sound barrier
  • Solutions that provide long-term value

Foam Roof Repair Kansas City

No matter what type of foam roof you have, we can repair it. Midwest Roofing associates will work hard to get your foam roof back to solid performance condition. When your foam roof needs more intensive work, we can restore it with the following products from Conklin®:

  • BASF® FE348-2.8 SPF
  • Benchmark®
  • PUMA® XL
  • Prime Time® Plus
  • Equinox®
  • Rapid Roof® III

Give us a call today. One of our attentive team members can answer your questions and schedule a free, on-site evaluation. It would be our pleasure to serve you! We can be reached at 913-362-0112.

Benefits of Foam Roofs

1. Unbeatable Leak Protection: The closed-cell design of polyurethane foam roofs prevent the absorption of water. Spray polyurethane foam has over one million closed cells per square inch – this prevents water from traveling laterally throughout your roof and causing more damage. Additionally, foam is ideal for fixing low areas in your commercial roof which tend to collect pooling water. In this manner, foam roofs improve the drainage capabilities of your roof as well.

2. The Green Choice: The energy-efficiency foam roofs provide help not just you, but your neighbors and society in general. Saving energy is hugely important for the environment as well as your bottom line. Foam roofs will save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. They can generate strong energy cost savings over the long term.

3. Long-Term Stability: Foam roofs allows you to better plan for the future. Because of their durability, you don’t have to worry about constant repairs and unexpected expenses. You can can rest easy knowing your building is protected by a spray foam roofing system.

If your commercial foam roof is experiencing problems, give us a call today before the problem lingers any longer! We proudly serve the states of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. We can arrange free, on-site estimates at 913-362-0112!