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Flat Roof Coatings

Is your building’s flat roof is weathered, leaking, or having other problems? At Midwest Roofing, we offer an economical, effective solution in our flat roof coatings. With a timely application, your flat roof’s problems will be resolved and your roof will look & perform like it is brand new.

With 10+ years roofing industry experience, Midwest Roofing is a premier commercial roofing contractor serving Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska & Iowa. Using coating products with a 35+ year reputation, our restoration specialists will help transform your aging flat roof into a renewed, leak-resistant, energy-saving asset.

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Give us a call today at (913) 362-0112. Our experienced technicians can evaluate your flat roof, determine its issues, and come up with different options for resolution.

Common Flat Roof Problems

There are many factors which are causes of flat roof problems:

  • Ponding water
  • Premature aging or weathering
  • UV degradation
  • Prolonged thermal shock by the sun
  • Poor flashing applications
  • Improper roof drainage
  • Inferior flat roof repairs
  • Moisture build-up under roof membrane
  • And more

These and other factors can give rise to many issues: roof leaks, drips, blisters, cracks, uplifts, bubbling, blow-offs, and more. If your flat roof has any of these problems, give us a call!

Flat Roof Coating Services

Can recoup costs in 7 years with energy savings!

With an expert restoration application by our associates, your roof’s performance will be rejuvenated. Here are the benefits of our services & products:

  • Likely won’t require intensive tear-off like replacement
  • Forms new, seam-free, waterproof membrane
  • Old roof is covered with new layer of top-grade protection
  • Extends old roof’s life for years
  • Resists hurricane-force winds, hail, fire, UV degradation & more
  • Maintains adhesion
  • White surface reflects 85% of sun’s rays
  • Can give 30% A/C expense savings per year
  • Reduce building’s energy consumption
  • Withstands effects of thermal shock

A restored flat roof can also require fewer maintenance & upkeep demands per year. And our flat roof coating restoration systems can be backed with non-prorated warranties for up to 18 years!

Solutions for All Flat Roof Types

Save Up to 30% on A/C Costs

Midwest Roofing specializes in roof restoration solutions for virtually all flat roof types:

  • Modified bitumen
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • Built-up roofing
  • EPDM
  • Metal
  • And more!

Let Midwest Roofing address your flat roofing issues! We offer professional roof inspections as the first step toward determining your specific needs & solutions to fulfill them.

Call us at (913) 362-0112 today!